With time, the request on production often varies. In order to meet those changes, revamps, modernization, upgrades, modifications or relocation of production facilities may be required.

We are committed to offer and deliver such services to our customers and the range of services varies from feasibility studies, basic and detail engineering to supply of individual plant components up to plant package as a whole.

As a result of upgrades, we can expand production capacities, improve lifetime and plant availability, reduce energy consumption and observe latest environmental standards.

Your Benefits
Years of proven expertise in customer services for plant engineering
Competent advice on possible upgrades of your plant
Improved functionality of the current technology
Increase in service life
Sustainable energy and operating cost saving
Emission reduction
Compliance with local requirements
Safe and reliable execution by an expereienced technology and execution partner


Bertrams Sales
Phone: +41 61 467 53 53
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