Alkali concentration

Our developments have set new standards in the high concentration of alkalis for over 60 years. In this field, Bertrams Chemical Plants Ltd. is the worldwide benchmark.

Plants built by Bertrams Chemical Plants Ltd. concentrate caustic potash and caustic soda in the chlor-alkali industry. Depending on customer requirements, the end product is either a pre-concentrated solution or an anhydrous production in form of: flakes, prills or solidified in drums.

The systems we developed set new standards worldwide in the high concentration of alkalis.

We work in close cooperation with our customers to evaluate all process engineering and economic factors and create a balanced conceptual design. At the quotation stage, we deliver professional advices to our clients, followed by plant detailed design and construction – from evaporation unit up to product filling and handling systems.

Evaporation unit for membrane cell caustic solution
Concentration plant
Prilling plant
Carbonation plant
Calcium chloride production plant
Concentration of high-boiling liquids NaHS, Na2S

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Evaporation Plants for Membrane Cell Caustic Solution
Concentrate alkali solution (NaOH/KOH) from 32-50%                            more >
Concentration Plant for NaOH/KOH and Flakes Production
Concentration > 95% to 98-99%
Prilling Plant
For production of a free-flowing, dust-free form of solid alkali
Carbonation Plant for Na2CO3, K2CO3
For a granular product of high bulk density
Calcium Chloride Production Plant
From raw material up to finished products
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