Bertrams Chemical Plants Ltd supplies acid recovery plants since more than 40 years. By continuous development, we are able to provide acid recovery systems for various industries. High quality engineering combines lowest overall costs of the plants with high recovery yields and strict compliance with environmental regulations.

Plants built by Bertrams can be found worldwide in many types of applications like chlorine drying, explosives and propellant production, secondary butanol plants, aramid fibres or nitration processes of any kind.

From the quotation stage we work in close cooperation with our customers to evaluate all process engineering and economic factors and create a balanced conceptual design. Plant detail design and construction – from cleaning of spent acids to their recovery as concentrated acids – then follow, delivering professional advices to our clients from pre-contract stage and onwards.

In 2014 we have taken over the process know-how from the company PIC – Chemical Process Plants. For all plants supplied by PIC we provide the complete range of services from spare parts supply to complete process revamping.

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Sulphuric Acid Concentration
Concentration up to 96 / 97 % H2SO4

Nitric Acid Concentration
Concentration up to 99 % HNO3

Separation of acids from nitration (H2SO4 and HNO3)
Stabilisation of Spent Acids
Decomposition and cleaning from impurities
Absorption of Nitrous Gases
NOX absorption with recovery as nitric acid
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