Bertrams Chemical Plants Ltd.

Over the past 60 years more than 450 plants have been designed and built worldwide using the technology of Bertrams Chemical Plants Ltd.
They have given years of continuous problem-free operation and continue to do so. We have always put great importance on the quality of our work. This commitment extends beyond plant start-up to embrace an ongoing aftersales service, keeping your plant at peak performance even after many long years of operation.

Our expertise, our safety philosophy and our continuing development work serve all a unique goal: our customers shall rely on us at all times.
A staff of men and women, mainly experienced engineers, technicians and specialists, form a highly motivated team dedicated to the success of your project.

Bertrams Chemical Plants Ltd.
Eptingerstrasse 41
4132 Muttenz, Switzerland
Phone +41 61 467 53 53
Fax +41 61 467 53 54